Rush Hour Elimination is the very first generation of the Rush Hour Elimination series. In this generation, the show took place in real life in a living room.


The host, which is a narrator for some reason, proclaims that Red Car is dead (or missing). The contestants are shown, and the host says that the fourteen will battle to see who will take his place. The host then says the name of the object show: Rush Hour Elimination.

Challenge 1: Running race

Before the challenge was explained, Pink Car was forgotten by the host. The first challenge was a running race. The contestant to reach the bookmark last was eliminated. However, when almost all the cars made it to the bookmark, the remaining two who haven't made it yet, Pink Car and Light Green Car, made a close finish. The video of the two were shown, and it is revealed that Light Green Car went on the bookmark first, meaning Pink Car is eliminated.


  • Camcordy may be hosting, as this generation was recorded with a camcorder.
  • Cary and Micheal later created Battle for Dream Island, the first object show in existence.