This page is a timeline of all the events related or not related to Rush Hour Elimination/

Unknown year

  • October 14th, ????: Karlie is born



  • Binary Arts, now known as ThinkFun, got the license to sell Rush Hour to the United States by Nob.


  • March 18, 1997: Cary Huang and Michael Huang are born.



These two years are when Rush Hour Elimination started.

  • In the middle of 2007 to late 2008, a number of stop-animation shorts were recorded by Michael and Cary Huang using a camcorder. One of these shorts were Rush Hour Elimination.


  • October 19th, 2012: "More Animation!," which were the collection of said shorts, was published to fernozzle, and generation one of Rush Hour Elimination was viewed to the public.


  • February 23, 2017: Maroue revealed she is remaking Rush Hour Elimination through a trailer.
  • May 6th, 2017: The second generation of Rush Hour Elimination was released.


  • January 2nd, 2018: Maroue let Karlie do a third generation to Rush Hour Elimination.
  • February 16th, 2018: Reveal for the third generation of Rush Hour Elimination was uploaded to Karlie H. the Object Show Fan.